Saturday, 11 February 2017

Lackmond WTS2000L Beast Wet Tile Saw with Laser, Work Light, And Stand

Having the right tool for the right job is important, especially when working with harder materials like stone and granite. The Lackmond WTS2000L BEASTis a saw that you need to consider before you make your purchase. 

This saw has a 2.3 hp, 15 amp, 110 v motor that rotates the blade at 4200 RPM’s making it another good tile saw that a home owner or contractor could use. Lackmond has included many functions into its product There is an integrated miter and slide function with this saw, but oddly, not a plunge feature like it’s competition. It’s max depth of cut is 3 3/4 inches at 90 degrees and 1 inch cut at 45 degrees. It has a ripping capacity of 24 inches and diagonal cut capacity is 18 inches. 

The best wet tile saw for diy also has a motor that tilts the blade to 22.5 and 45 degrees with stops. It is fitted with a laser light to mark your cut and an integrated LED to brighten the cutting area, which is great for those low light situations. The Lackmond WTS2000L comes with a heavy duty, folding stand, that also has wheels so that it is ready to move with you. It also has removable extension table, blade guard, and backsplash tray.

Features Overview:
- Shipping Weight 126 pounds

- Power Used 15 amps

- Operating Input Voltage 110 volt / 120 volt @ 60hz (North America)

- RPM (Rotations Per Minute) 4,200

- Blade Size 10-inch

- Arbor Size 5/8-inch

- Horsepower 2.3 HP

- Sliding Yes

- Integrated Miter Yes

- Plunge Feature No

- Max Depth of Cut 3-3/4-inch

- Max Rip Capacity 24-inch

- Diagonal Cut Capacity 18-inch

- Accommodates an 8 inch blade

- Bevel Capacity: Up to 45 degrees with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees

- Motor tilts to stops of 22.5 and 45 degrees for accurate bevel cutting

- Removable extension table

- Splash guard and back splash tray minimizing spray

What is in the box?

Folding stand features integrated locking wheels for added portability

Integrated LED fully illuminates the cut area for added precision

Laser guide for accurate reference when cutting

Includes high quality tile cutting Lackmond BEAST blade

Follow this link to see the Lackmond WTS2000L BEAST 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Laser Worklight and Stand at They are a retailer of Lackmond products. They have Free shipping on any order over $25. They are also part of the “buy Safe” program giving you a 3-in-1 gaurantee. See their website for details.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

AR North America AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 11 Amp Electric Pressure Washer With Hose Reel

The pressure washer is the need of every house and the AR North America AR383 electric pressure washer satisfies this need. Having all fundamental equipments in itself, this electric pressure washer is gaining familiarity among masses with the passage of every day.

I have found as the best place for purchasing this product as the price suggested for this pressure washer by the Amazon is average and nominal.

This best commercial pressure washer for the money is made using copper aluminum and plastic which gives it a quality appearance and working. The buyer is provided a kit with gun along with jet nozzle that can be adjusted, a hose with high pressure and a lance attached with a foam dispenser that aids in complete cleanliness. The handle and the wheels attached with this water pressure washer allow the individual to handle it with extreme accuracy. A valve for shutting off the washer is provided on the head for the ease of user.

Along with the above features, the feature of TSS (Total Stop System) is definitely a plus for the automatic work of this AR North America AR383 electric pressure washer. An attachable soap and foam bottle is also provided as the additional equipment to the buyer with it. There is a 3 axial-piston pump and an induction motor is also provided with a gun-wand that makes it unique and long-lasting. The gun-wand is made by attaching injector kit, pressure hose, water filter, detergent injector, and spray head that is adjustable. There is a safety valve available with it that works automatically. It delivers 1.5 Gallon per minute and the maximum pressure it gives is 1900 PSI that is delivered using 120 volts electric motor. For the assistance of users, a manual instruction sheet is also provided with this pressure washer as well.

The users have provided ample positive feedbacks for this pressure washer as it contains all positive attributes that must be present in an awesome pressure washer. The long cord of this product for cleaning has been praised by many people as it enables the people not to drag and clean with hard work. All the accessories provided with this product can be attached effortlessly and the high pressure of the water cleans the substance without any extra effort.

As far as the features of this AR North America AR383 pressure washer are concerned, this pressure washer is

Light weighted

Easily adjustable

Have adjustable spray wand


Can be used for cleaning grills, decks, mowers and driveways

The problems that you will generally face while using this pressure carelessly involve:

The hose will start leaking if you will show careless attitude and you will need to repair it

However, if you use this pressure washer with care, you will surely never face this kind of situation. Overall, this is one of the best pressure washers that have been utilized for cleaning purposes and it just keep satisfying its users from the day it has been invented.

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